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Welcome to Health Habitum

Hi, dear visitor! I am Olivia, editor-in-chief of Health Habitum.

I know that we all want to have a good quality of life full of success, serenity and well-being.

Yet, I believe that if you are to reach your fullest potential and live the good life you have drawn, you must enjoy a good health.  

For that reason, wise food choices should be taken and healthy eating habits should be inculcated.

To that end, you have made the first healthy choice of starting your health journey at Health Habitum. The rest is up to us.

In fact, my team and I are on a mission to participate actively in making a real health change on your life by providing you with relevant, convenient and jargon-free information and guidance.

Thus, our tips will make your choices obvious and easier than you think.

So, welcome aboard! 

Let’s start with some common key indicators

If you feel that …

  • You have a lack of energy and are not willing to do anything
  • You have a loss of taste and appetite
  • You do not look good and have a pale appearance
  • Your skin is getting too dry and losing its shine
  • Your nails break quickly and lose their luster
  • You have dandruff or finding your hair everywhere while sweeping your house
  • You have dry eyes, tingling sensation or blurred vision
  • You have muscle pains and cramps
  • You have weakness of shoulder muscles
  • You have constipation the majority of time and bloating and upset stomach
  • You walk with a waddling gait or have unsteady walking
  • You have an excessive or bad smell sweating
  • You cannot concentrate in the work you do
  • You have difficulties in memorizing or remembering names, places or even some recent events
  • You are getting angry quickly (sometimes for trivial reasons) and can no longer take control of your irritability
  • You have a poor sleeping
  • You quickly develop infections and illnesses meaning that you have a fragile immune system

All these signs and feelings mean one thing: That you have nutritional deficiencies.

In other words, being accustomed to making healthy choices is the key to your general wellness.   

The strongest reasons to follow Health Habitum!

In fact, if your feelings match the above disturbing symptoms, Health Habitum is the best place to get rid of that.

My team and I will help you develop healthy and wise eating habits by providing you with accurate and simple advice.

I know that many sites today give a huge amount of information about diets making it appear a complex story. Yet, our promise is to bring simple, relevant, genuine and easy to apply advice to as many as possible people with different ages, status and gender.

So, if you want to:

  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Have the shape you dream of
  • Be more productive and efficient in your work
  • Be happier, more serene and feel better

Health Habitum is the podium to honor your health and the medium to reach your life’s equilibrium.

In fact, to attain these objectives, we provide you with tips covering multiple themes such as:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating
  • Fitness and weight loss
  • Lifestyle

Don’t be overwhelmed, we are genuine

Do not be confused with the huge amount of information given elsewhere.

We, at Health Habitum, made a commitment to give our followers quality and accurate advice.

You, in fact, made the best choice being here, as you will find in this health platform:

  • Trustworthy and accurate advice: there is no place in this podium to fake, irrelevant or inappropriate information.
  • Important health issues: we spotlight only the most important questions related to your daily life not the trivial ones, take into account people difficulties, concerns, and lack of time.
  • Easy to understand advice: we use jargon free language and aim to reach the large public.
  • A real accompaniment: we accompany you to get accustomed to the healthy habits and make the best choices.
  • Actionable tips: we provide you with convenient advice, easy to apply and with no filler language.
  • Statistical and scientific data: each information provided is supported with scientific facts, references and sources.
  • Covering all health’s facets: in our platform, you will be on an exhaustive health journey.

To guide you throughout our platform

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For more information about our story, mission and values, you can visit the about us page.

Hereafter some of our most popular posts covering whatever what you aim for, health, shape, productivity or happiness.