How to Read for a Long Time Without Getting Bored – (8 Steps)

How to Read for a Long Time Without Getting Bored

Most of us are aware of the benefits of reading, such as: strengthening the brain, reducing stress, aiding sleep and much more.

Yet, most of us get bored while reading quickly therefore we stop reading, and at some point we give up the whole activity.

If you feel bored too easily while reading, and you find yourself already tired after reading a paragraph or two, here are 8 tips to help you read more without getting bored.

We mainly consider reading as a hobby, whereas in reality it should be a daily habit, same as brushing your teeth or making your bed.

The more you implement it into your routine the easier it becomes to stick to it.

The best part about reading is that it is an addictive habit, you will always find a better book than the one before, this is good chance for you to discover other fields and literature genres.

We all agree that in order to build a strong habit, we should be aware of our “why”.

Remind yourself every now and then of your “why” to motivate yourself and strengthening your will-power.

So answer the question: ‘Why do I want to build a habit of reading?’

8 Tips to Read Continuously Without Getting Bored

1. Use Kaizen Method.

Kaizen Method is a Japanese method for improving your skills in any field or simply build a habit.

This method basically encourage you to start with very small goals that you will 100% be capable of achieving, then increasing them a little by little till you become a master.

For building reading habit; you can start by three pages or even one page, this way you will be sure that you will actually do it and it is impossible to fail.

After a week, you can add a few pages to your daily reading goal. Keep increasing the amount of pages you read as comfortable as your feel.

Or you can use time as a measurement. For example start with 10 minutes of reading for a whole week, then add another 5 minutes for another week, then keep increasing the time and the period.

Make your weekly, daily and monthly reading goals visible. Use a notebook, or an Excel sheet to mark those days where you have successfully completed your reading task.

This is a way to keep track of your progress, and to get motivated to keep all days marked as «  successfully done »! 

You might fail once in completing your goal for the day, which is fine only if you live by the rule to not fail two times in a row.

As long as you get back on track the next day, this tiny failure will not affect your long-term goal.

Keep in mind that « Kaizen way is about repetition, not intensity (in the beginning) » as Bruno Boksic said in his article about the Kaizen method.

2. Find a Suitable Place to Read.

Find a Suitable Place to Read.

you should consider reading as meditation; for a better practice, choose the right environment.

Somewhere quiet that makes you feel comfortable; it might be your bedroom or you can create a little reading nook in your living room. Just make it a habit to sit there whenever you want to read.

Besides reading nook, you can try to read in different places each time you get the chance, maybe while taking a bath, on a bench in the park or at a café. Find your new favorite reading spot.

Make yourself at ease; put a snake at your side, grab a cup of tea and light a candle.

Make reading time your favourite time of the day no matter what is the reason of your reading; either for pleasure, work or school.

3. Precise the time.

in order for your reading habit to stick, you have to insert it in your daily schedule no matter how busy you are.

It should come as a reward for you. Either morning or night, the most important thing is to make it as a way to relief stress and enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Remove distractions.

the biggest distraction we all have in common is our smart phones. Keep your phone away while reading in order to concentrate and focus more on your book.

Avoid anything that will make your distracted for a better reading experience.

5. Keep your book close to you.

you can read more if you kept your book in your sight. The easiest to reach the better, as you will not feel lazy to actually grab it and read a few lines whenever you got a chance.

Maybe read while waiting in line for your coffee, or while enjoying your meal.

6. find some books clubs in your area.

we usually struggle to keep our passions alive because we do not find others to share it with them.

Try to find some books clubs in your area, if not, you can easily find them online.

There are thousands of forums and websites where people gather to just talk about books and discuss them.

This is an opportunity for you to socialise and evolve your hobby.

7. Speed reading (Read More in Less Time).

we get bored while reading because it does take time, but with learning how to speed reading, you will gain a soft skill for life.

It is very important in today’ society as we are sounded by information.

So basically « speed reading is the process of rapidly recognising and absorbing phrases or sentences on a page all at once, rather than identifying individual words. » according to mind tools

The average reading speed is a minute for each 200 to 250 words. By minimising the time you spend reading you will be able to read more in less time.

8. Train your brain to remember.

it will be such a waste if you do not remember what you have read.

For some people, it is easy to recall what they have read, for others, it is mission impossible, but there are plenty of ways to get better at remembering what you have read.

Here are some:

A) Take notes.

It is critical to have a notebook and a pen while reading, as it is a must to jot down notes from your book and ideas that seem important to you or highlight them on the book directly.

This is the easiest way to go back to the main points of a book when in need.

B) Pauses.

While reading a paragraph that needs reflection, do not hesitate to take you time to think about it and reflect on it. This way you will memorise the idea and add to it your own thought.

C) Associate.

The content you are reading can be linked to your personal preferences and experiences to make it more memorable.

D) Talk.

Here comes the importance of book clubs. If not you can simply talk to a friend or even to yourself. The point is, the more you talk about it the more it sticks to your head.

E) Review.

It is very common for readers to review each book they read. It is a great way to write a summary of the book and give your own opinion.

Furthermore, it is a way to ask more questions about the writer, the topic, the book itself and look for answers on the internet.

You can dig deeper by reading analysis and other people’s reviews.

All your reviews can be shared on different social media platforms, or platforms that are specifically about book.


Reading is essential but aim to make it as pleasurable as possible. If you do not like a book, it is okay to switch to another one, or you can read couple of books at the same time.

Bottom line; as long as you make it a part of your daily routine, you will gain a habit that will serve you for life. And always remember; a book is your best friend.

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