How to Air Out the House? (Great Tips & Best Practices)

How to Air Out The House


In the summer, the weather can make us want to keep our interiors cool. In the winter, the idea of letting the heat escape through the windows may seem absurd.

Yet, airing out your home is essential on a daily basis. What should you do? How to air out the house? Why airing out your house in all circumstances?

The Importance of airing the house

The quality of the air in the house is one of the most important factors affecting the health of all family members.

So it is necessary for everyone to ensure that the house is well ventilated and air is renewed everyday, during all the seasons of the year, while choosing the appropriate times to properly air out the house and avoid times of where outdoor air is carrying dust and mist.

Some reasons may seem obvious: Let fresh air in! Nobody wants to inhale same old air from yesterday, or the day before! Also, to get rid of kitchen smells, you know how it can get really stinky sometimes in the kitchen after frying some food, especially fish.

But there are also other less obvious reasons for it:

First of all, the air circulating in our houses is often more polluted than the air in the outside, contrary to what we imagine.

Shocking right? well, yes, many people ignore this, in fact, indoor air is 5 to 7 times more polluted than outdoor air.

From housekeeping, to dust and mold, humidity and mist, or even cooking our food, these conditions can make an unhealthy atmosphere for us.

Renewing the air inside allows you to breathe healthier air and avoid all diseases such as asthma or allergies, this is why well ventilating your home is an essential gesture to acquire on a daily basis, in order to renew oxygen and eliminate bad components from the air.

Negative effects of poor indoor air quality

Negative effects of poor indoor air quality

Poorly ventilated houses contain high levels of humidity, and humidity is an active environment for bacteria and germs.

In addition to low levels of oxygen in the air, and increased levels of carbon dioxide, which negatively affects the health of all family members, especially those suffering from respiratory diseases such as chest sensitivity or asthma.

Ventilation of the house is not limited to opening windows and renewing the air only, but it is also necessary to ventilate the furnishings and covers, and expose them to sunlight from time to time, to get rid of any bacteria or germs that may be stuck in them, in order to preserve the safety of your family members and protect them from many diseases.

The most efficient way to air out the house

It is possible to ventilate the house and replace the polluted air with clean air by following one of the following methods:

Ventilating the house naturally:

Ventilation of the house by opening windows or doors for a period of 10 to 15 minutes a day is one of the best and easiest ways to purify and ventilate the house, after placing sieves on windows, so that various insects do not escape from the outside air into the house, and bypass this when the weather is loaded with moisture to avoid the growth of household mold.

The use of Range Hood:

You can improve home natural ventilation and stimulate the replacement of fresh polluted air, through operating a kitchen or bathroom range hood to change the damp and polluted air.

It is also recommended to turn on the range hood during the cooking process, to reduce harmful gases emanating from the stove.

The use of air conditioners:

the air conditioner can be operated to ventilate the house, and purify it from various pollutants, especially those that are soluble in water.

The use of fans:

The house can be ventilated with the help of fans that increase the amount of air. And it works to move and change it, and there are many types of fans that can be chosen according to the need.

How long does it take to air out the house

Airing at least 10 to 15 minutes per day all the rooms of the house; by opening the windows in winter and summer, whether it is raining or the sun is out, allows you to renew the indoor air and simultaneously reduce the concentration of all forms of pollutants.

In addition, it is advisable to open the windows before 10 a.m. or after 9 p.m., the outside air being less polluted than during the rest of the day.

We ventilate more when drying clothes, cooking, tinkering or taking a shower.

The proper time to air out the house

The best time to ventilate the house is early in the morning, before the streets are crowded with cars and poison the air with their exhausts.

Also before the intensity of the sun’s rays increases, and at the end of the day, at night after ten in the evening, the number of cars passing in the streets decreases, to ensure the quality of new air.

The house must also be ventilated after the completion of food preparation, by opening windows and operating an air suction device in the kitchen, to avoid the accumulation of odors in the house, and increase the humidity on the walls, which may cause mold to appear on the surfaces and walls of the house if it is not well ventilated.

Helpful tips to keep the house aired out

The kitchen and the bathroom are the soul of any home, keep them ventilated often and make sure to turn on the air drafters to prevent the spread of odors around the house.

Avoid having strong scents such as perfumes, incense and industrial air fresheners, as well as the smell of frying.

Decorate your home by planting green houseplants that boost the beneficial oxygen inside the home and absorb harmful carbon dioxide.

Ensure regular maintenance of the air conditioner, and clean its filters frequently.

If you or your husband smoke, agree not to smoke in the home, not only for your health, but also for the health of your children and their protection from secondhand smoke.


Finally, add airing the house to your daily routine, not only for its health benefits for you and your family but also to keep the good vibes in your space; as good quality air helps to stay stress-free.

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