About Us

Welcome to Health Habitum

Dear visitor, welcome to healthhabitum.com, the site where your health is our single concern.

So, to present myself, My name is Olivia and I aim throughout this site to provide you with relevant and convenient information that point up the important health questions of your daily life.

My Vision

Healthhabitum.com, as it means literally in latin “habeo habui habitum”: to possess or have, was created with the vision of making health and well-being not the preserve of a given minority. HOWEVER, everyone ought to have a good health, knows why it matters and how to restore it.

My Mission

So, my mission is to help you ameliorate your health and life’s quality by providing you with intelligible and accurate information, advice that will help you develop heathy eating habits and improve your physical fitness.

I am also committed to actively participate in making that real change on busy people’ lives by using easy, jargon-free and actionable language.

My Story

In fact, my identity is the bottom of my mission, as my story will tell you.

Well, I was raised in a family where health is on the most important things. This was apparent in our eating habits and my parents’ insistence so that I play sport. For that, I used to practice karate, as the best martial arts I like. And, I got several medals.

Once a child, everything was perfect and I felt healthy and fit. But, everything changed progressively when I started university. In fact, I no longer practiced sports and I ate at the boarding school. Bored with eating repetitive meals, I ate out fast and processed foods. So, I started putting some weight and losing that feeling of health lightness.

Five years later with that same routine, eating anything out: candies, potato chips, industrial foods, etc. without any physical activity and with stress of studies, I had not only lost weight, but, I had multiple health problems: digestion problems, varicose veins, muscle pains, lack of vitamin D, anemia, dehydrated body, eye fatigue and also some depression symptoms. 

In fact, all these disorders were developed because of two main things: – bad eating habits and lack of activity. But, had terrible effects on my health, productivity and efficiency at work, mood, etc.

As I was conscious of the situation I was in, I decided to change my life and come back to my childhood’s habits. Yes, I made a lot of error to be what I am today. However, I have learnt from them. Now, I feel better, healthier and more productive.

That is my story and I am very grateful to share it with you. I know that life is getting difficult and people are caught by every day’s long activities. Surly, many of them are having the health problems above more or less. That’s why, I made that site to help you lead healthier lives and make your well-being above all life concerns.

This is a commitment I took to provide you, given the huge amount of information about health in different sites, with pertinent, accurate and convenient advice making a real impact on your life. Because, as mentioned, our habits do not affect only our health, but also our mood and our productivity.

In fact, we, at healthhabitum.com, wanted to inculcate the good health habits so that you have the health you deserve.

Our Values

In order to succeed in our mission, my team and I have set some values that define the internal reference framework we are committed to abide by.

What it contains?

  • Accurate and convenient information
  • A spotlight on the important health issues of your daily life
  • Trustworthy and jargon-free information
  • Statistical and scientific data with reference

What it does not contain?

  • Fake information
  • Pointing out the trivial health issues
  • Promotion of poor quality or unuseful products
  • Complex and unintelligible health advice

For any information, do not hesitate to contact me or any member of my team here.

Have a nice trip aboard our health space!